UV LED Panel

germicidal ultraviolet light
uvc led light
UV LED Panel Light

What is the UVC panel light?

The front of the germicidal UVC panel light uses an aluminum frame and a frosted translucent cover, with a central chamber for the placement of a high-quality quartz UVC lamp or ozone lamp. The driver power supply and the lamp cavity just form a single unit, with a reflective cover inside the cavity to help extend its germicidal range. The integration of germicidal and lighting design reduces the need for additional germicidal lamp installation.

What is photocatalytic formaldehyde removal?

Photocatalysts are photocatalytic under light, decomposing organic pollutants into non-polluting substances, with a strong effect of removing formaldehyde and purifying air.

Under light irradiation, the photocatalyst can absorb light energy below the band gap energy and the surface is excited to produce electrons with strong reduction and oxidation properties. It can react with the water or oxygen contained to produce hydroxyl radicals and superanions. It is through the chemical action of these ions that formaldehyde is removed from the air.

MINGXUAN LED germicidal panel light is designed with the concept of both daily lighting and germicidal sterilization. With the embedded design, it has functions such as lighting, UV germicidal, ozone germicidal, photocatalytic sterilization, delayed start, induction radar, timer, etc. Easy to install and safe to use, it is very suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, changing room, and other scenarios.