New Products: Handheld Portable UV Light

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What is UV light?

Ultraviolet light can be divided into UVA (long wave), UVB (medium wave), and UVC (short wave) depending on the wavelength.

UV wavelengths and features
Wavelength 315~400nm 280~315nm 100~280nm
Features Penetrates the atmosphere to reach the earth, penetrates glass to enter the interior and the car, and tans the body. Excessive exposure can lead to skin aging and wrinkles and, in severe cases, skin cancer. Most are absorbed by the atmosphere and only a few reach the Earth. It can cause sunburn and, in severe cases, skin cancer. Completely filtered by the atmosphere and unable to reach the Earth’s surface.

UVC has the shortest wavelength, but the highest energy. It is able to destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria and viruses, causing them to die, lose their ability to reproduce, and become infected, achieving a germicidal and disinfection effect.

UVC is not very penetrating and most of it will be absorbed by the superficial dead skin of the human body. When the dose is not high, it has little effect on the human body. However, prolonged or high-dose exposure to UVC may cause photokeratitis, or lead to skin redness or ulcers.

MIGNXUAN’s handheld UV disinfection lamp uses the LED UV disinfection principle to disinfect bacteria and micro-organisms by destroying their DNA and RNA with 265-285 nm wavelength UV light, so that they lose their ability to reproduce and survive, thus achieving disinfection.

The portable UV lamp disinfects, sterilizes, and removes mites in a single unit, quickly disinfecting and portable. Portable design, built-in gravity-sensing device, tilt to automatically switch off the UV lamp. One button disinfection, easy to operate, no chemicals, safe and environmentally friendly, a safe assistant in your life.

portable uv light

MINGXUAN Handheld UV Light

  • Efficient sterilization
  • Lightweight (75g)
  • Type-C charging
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe and not hurt your eyes