The Correct Way to Use Germicidal UV Lamps

Published Date: 2023-06-06 10:25:11 Views: 268

What does a germicidal UV lamp do?

UV disinfection lamps, which is use of ultraviolet light to kill bacterial propagules, budding cells, branching bacilli, coronaviruses, fungi, rickettsiae, and chlamydia, etc. All surfaces, water, and air contaminated by the above viruses can be disinfected with UV light. However, it is subject to many factors and should be operated and used by professionals and is not suitable for widespread use.

UV damage to the human body

UVC lamps use the infrared light emitted by mercury lamps to achieve germicidal disinfection, which emits high levels of UV energy and can easily cause damage to the human body if not protected.

If exposed skin is exposed to these lamps, it can cause redness, swelling, itching, and flaking. When the human eye is exposed to UV light, the cornea will directly absorb the UV light, resulting in a large amount of corneal epithelium peeling off, resulting in redness and swelling, tearing, inability to open the eyes, dryness and other symptoms, which is medically known as Electro-optical ophthalmia.

Use of UV lamps and precautions

  • UV disinfection lamps must be used indoors under unoccupied conditions and the room must be closed to non-disinfection personnel during disinfection.
  • When using the UV lamp for disinfection, there must be a warning sign outside the premises to remind others not to enter and stay.
  • The UVC lamp must be timed from 5-7 minutes after the lamp is on and must wait for it to cool down before it can be moved.
  • The UV lamp must be switched off after disinfection and the doors and windows must be opened to allow sufficient ventilation before entry.
  • Disinfection personnel should provide personal protection to avoid damage caused by direct UV radiation.

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