UVC Lamps: Offering Effective UV Light for Disinfection

Published Date: 2023-03-27 10:33:29 Views: 185

Are you interested in installing a UV lamp in your home or commercial premises?

If so, you may be wondering what type of UVC lamp you should install to get the best germicidal effect. There are three types of UVC lamps on the market today, namely UVA, UVB, and UVC lamps, each with its own benefits and risks.

However, we should be aware that UVA and UVB lamps, also known as black light bulbs, do not have germicidal properties and only UVC lamps have germicidal properties.

So if you want to use a UVC lamp with germicidal properties, a UVC lamp would be the best choice. However, if you are buying UV lamps for nightclubs, anti-burglary, and many other such applications, then UVA and UVB lamps would be the best choice.

Next, we will discuss in more detail what a UVC lamp is.

Manufacture of UVC lamps

When UVC lamp manufacturers make UVC lamps, the most important thing is to get the correct UV wavelength.

The wavelength of UVC is short, between 100 nm and 280 nm. Most commercially available UVC lamps emit UV at 254 nm.

However, some lamp manufacturers can offer you an OEM service and provide you with a UVC lamp that emits a specific UVC wavelength.

Germicidal use of UVC lamps

As mentioned above, UVC lamps have a germicidal effect. In the following, we will describe the scenarios in which UVC lamps are effective in germicidal applications.

  • Surface sterilization

UVC germicidal lamps are strategically installed on surfaces for disinfection. For example, you will find UVC germicidal lamps installed in laboratories and hospitals to effectively disinfect surfaces for items such as laboratory equipment or surgical tools. You will also find UVC germicidal lamps installed in restaurant kitchens to disinfect kitchen platforms before cooking.

Disinfection of equipment and tools is another way in which UVC lamps disinfect surfaces.

  • Air purification

Indoor air quality is an important factor in maintaining human health. Poor indoor air quality can drastically damage the lungs and breathing capacity with prolonged exposure.

Therefore, UV germicidal lamps can be installed in any environment where air sterilization is required. For example, UVC lamps can be installed with an air conditioning system to sterilize the indoor air in homes. They can be installed in hospitals, schools, public transport, restaurants, and just about any public environment you can think of.

  • Water disinfection

Water-borne diseases kill many people every year. Water disinfection is therefore a key application wherever it is used. Whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial space, water disinfection is critical.

And UV lamps can help you achieve clean and drinkable water efficiently. Germicidal UVC lamps remove harmful germs such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. These micro-organisms are not killed by chlorine treatment. Therefore, in the long run, UVC lamps can be beneficial.


UV disinfection lamps provide an effective means of germicidal sterilization for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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