MINGXUAN UV Disinfection Lamp only needs 30 minutes and can sterilize/disinfect and kill mites easily. Effectively kill indoor odor, formaldehyde, bacteria mites, and other harmful substances, and prevent the threat of harmful substances to the body.

Our UVC lamp has a capacity of 38W and is suitable for 30-40 sqm space, for sterilization, disinfection, and deodorization removal can reach more than 99% Sterilization Rate: 30min rapid sterilization and disinfection. Can purify the air and remove odor.

Germicidal light is also very safe to use with UVC sterilizer light, 360 ° degrees wider beam angle, completely Removes Odors and Dust Particles, it produces ozone during work. Ozone can sterilize places where ultraviolet light cannot reach.

Pls noted that after disinfection, the room needs ventilation for 60 minutes.

Key Features

  • Easy function to use
  • The widened and thickened base for more stable standing
  • Quality lightweight but extremely durable
  • 360 ° degrees wider beam angle
  • Simple & sleek designed for indoor use
  • Intelligent body sensor detection range: 8m


Name Value
Power 38W
Voltage 110V/220V
Light Source Quartz ultraviolet light source
UV Type(nm) UVC 253nm + UVC 187nm(OZONE)
Induction Way RIP Sensor
Workable Area 30-40 ㎡
Lifespan > 5000hrs
Size 190*190*420 mm
Certifications CE / RoHS / EPA / Gmicro,  etc.
Warranty 2 Years


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The Disinfection lamp achieves the purpose of sterlization by targeting the DNA of microbes, damaging the DNA structure and preventing their reproduction.
UV Wavelength: 253.7nm How to Sterilize: ultraviolet radiation to sterilize, Destroy or change DNA Sterilization Type: Physical sterilization
  • Ozone
Wavelength: 187nm How to Sterilize: It turns oxygen into ozone ( O2→O3 ), with strong oxidation Sterilization Type: Chemical sterilization
  • UV
Advantage: Simple, convenient, broad-spectrum, and efficient, without secondary pollution, go inside the room immediately after turning off the light Disadvantage: Cannot kill all the bacteria and viruses where is out of light range, the shadow place might rest of bacteria.
  • Ozone
Advantage: O3 can kill all bacteria and viruses in the air Disadvantage: O3 is the danger to the body, people need around 15-30mints to open windows for ventilation
No, because they are in different wavebands, they cannot exist at the same time. UVC: 253.7nm Ozone:187nm You can choose UV or Ozone according to your needs.
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